link the ciconf dust has settled

Well CICONF 2012 is now over, I'm back at work struggling with  understanding why Magento is such a giant bucket of s*** and have had time to reflect on the weekend.

Ciconf was my first conference, something I should have done years ago and will be sure to do again. I got to meet some great people and learned a lot over the weekends events.

link The time is now

Well actually the time is 18:45 this evening when I get on the train in Leeds but hey lets not be picky. ;)

"What is he talking about?" I can hear you thinking through my incredible powers of mind reading. Well this evening I set off to CICON, the first php related conference I've actually been to. I know that's odd but there are reasons, mostly financial to be honest. I'm heading down this time as my current employer is footing the bill (thanks guys). This particular conference if some of you are wondering is for the excellent Codeigniter framework which I use whenever possible on new projects.

link feature polish

As some of you may know I have a bit of an interest in mmo gaming. One of the developers I follow is Raph Koster and his most recent article actually fits in well with any form of development.

link ciconf 2012

I'm off to cicon 2012! Tickets, train and hotel booked for next month. Scary stuff, it will be the first conference I've been to due to the last company I worked for only sending select employee's to such events. Where I am now (company buyout saw me move) the attitude to such things is much better.

link Welcome to irealms n.0

This is the obligatory welcome post when setting up a new site, odd as this isn't a new site.. well erm .. let me explain. Somewhere out there one of you will have visited this site before and notice things have changed. I decided that as I am working with the Codeigniter php framework I'd try out the excellent PyroCMS which is built on Codeigniter and looks to be a very promising CMS system. I mean why re-invent the wheel right? The idea is also that somewhere in the distant future I may find time to write an addon or two for Pyro. This of course assumes that a brilliant scientist somewhere discovers more hours in the day and lets me into the early extra hour granting beta test.